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      What I do

      I work internationally as an independent educational consultant, helping students and families get value for money from higher education (an increasingly tricky proposition!), and guiding them through the research and applications process for bachelor's and master's degrees in the UK, USA, Ireland, Quebec and France. I also work as a UK & Ireland specialist for Study Experience, a Paris-based consultancy.


      I grew up in Yorkshire, England. Following the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, I left my course in political science at Lancaster University to pursue higher education in Europe. After attending university classes in French as a foreign language, I studied for undergraduate and master's degrees at the universities of Brest and Rennes, and subsequently worked as a research associate and teacher in higher and further education. During my time as an academic, I acted as adviser to my students with the objective of helping them optimize both their academic performance and their student experience, and I also assisted them with their international projects: exchanges, internships and work experience abroad.


      Since 2016, my career has been focused on educational consulting, and I have received training in college advising from UCAS in the UK and from Teacher's College, Columbia University. I have assisted students with successful applications to universities in the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Australia and Canada, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and in a range of disciplines including highly selective programs such as medicine.


      Today I work almost exclusively online, which means I can run my consulting business from my home office (or from the road when I'm traveling). Outside of work, my main interests at the moment revolve around physical fitness and learning bodyboarding, meditation and drumming.


      I live in a charming Breton village near the sea, with my wife and our four children, and I have the great fortune to be able to take my morning walk along one of Brittany's finest beaches, in the company of Juno, our basset artésien!


      Feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help you with something :)

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